A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

The official game made for the Git Together 1 jam!

You are a robot named Ed with the ability to dream, which your father gave you. Use your abilities to platform through challenging levels and dream your way around obstacles.


Move - WASD / Arrow keys

Enter dream mode - Right mouse button

Place/delete blocks - Left/right mouse button while in dream mode

Pause - Escape

Git Together website: https://gittogether.dev/git-together-1


ED-IT.exe (Windows) 52 MB
ED-IT.zip (Mac) 64 MB


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This was a great jam, looking forward to the next one.
For this one, I made the music and a scrapped level :)

The OST should eventually show up on my spotify too 🎶


I am proud I was part of this jam


Good work folks!